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USPS Move update



New Move Update rules take effect on November 23rd 2008.

All mailers who claim presort or automation rates for First Class Mail and all Standard Mail must demonstrate that

they have updated the names and addresses in their mailing lists within 95 days prior to the mailing date!


Lists using "Current Resident", "Occupant" or "Postal Customer" are not subject to the move Update standards.


We here at HWC can provide the necessary data updates in house. We use a module called Move Update which is actually a variety of services under one umbrella.

  • Address Change Service (ACS)
  • FASTforward MLOCR
  • National Change of Address (NCOA link)
  • Ank Link

These are used to update addresses of people or businesses that have moved. Our move update service corrects a huge problem of undeliverable mail which costs US businesses billions of wastage and lost revenue every year.



 Customers that have NCOA'd the list prior to submitting to HWC will need to fill out PS Form 6014.

http://www.usps.com/forms/_pdf/ps6014.pdf. This is a statement that identifies which company performed an approved move update on the address and at what date.





Number of Records     Cost
1 to 1,000                   $45 minimum charge
1,001 to 47,000           $75 Minimum Charge

47,001 to 199,999        $1.60 / Thousand

200,000 - 499,999        $1.45 / Thousand

500,000 - 800,000        $1.25 / Thousand



Our NCOA service is in house. We do not send your valuable data to a third party and wait hours if not days for the data to be updated and returned like many other companies do. All NCOA's produce a comprehensive report that will be emailed to you with the before and after address changes for your records.











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